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VR Cinema

VR Cinema

Born during the second edition of the Annual Summit, WVRF handpicked no less than 50 exquisite 360 videos to keep the Cinema in shape. We will sync the headsets with a special system, so our guests can have not only an unforgeable experience, but a collective unforgettable one.

For its second year in a roll, the VR Cinema will come back with more contents and more thematic and interactive “forms” of experiencing.

Game Zone

Game Zone

Video games are a major part of the Festival and of the VR market. Therefore, a play area dedicated entirely to entertainment will be offered to the visitors and the general public.

Whether families have VR at home or are still new to this technology, the Game Zone will offer them a unique experience of the best VR games of the year.

AR Selection

AR selection is a new-born project that is seeking for the most forefront projects in AR.

Encourages viewers to enjoy, connect to stories in emergent narrative form, to showcase the most outstanding and brilliant ideas; creates a powerful sense of physical immersion that allows you to connect in deeper to the content on a more visceral level.

We are looking for creative content, with a strong narrative and aesthetic impact, whether it is fiction, documentary, gaming or animation. We are looking for captivating AR experiences that can enable certain sensations or emotions.

There are two different ways you can apply, Mobile AR & AR Distinction.

VR Journalism

The journalism prize is a new born within the WVRF Annual Summit. The prize has been initiated by a collaboration between the World VR Forum and WAN-IFRA’s Global Alliance for Media Innovation (GAMI) demonstrating the strong changes we are seeing in news media.

We wish to show immersive journalism and new forms of interactive narratives. Journalism content can be submitted in the VR Cinema category as well. We are seeking innovative and new takes on journalism using the new formats of AR/VR/MR transforming the newspaper reader from passive to a participating and immersed user.

We aim for creative content with either a strong narrative, documentary, long story, interactive story or immersive experience. We are looking for captivating VR experiences that can clarify complex issues, enable certain sensations or emotions for the user or both.