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Crans-Montana 7-10 June 2018




Tales of Wedding Rings

Square Enix Co. Ltd., Japan

Tales of the Wedding Rings VR explores the question, “What would it be like if you can step inside your favorite manga story?”

Best cinematic storytelling

Crow: The Legend (Chapter 1)

Baobab Studios, USA

When a never-ending winter descends upon Earth, a bird with the most beautiful plumage and voice must journey far to bring light back to the world.

Inspired by the Native American legend, executive produced by John Legend and helmed by the visionary director of Antz, the Madagascar films, the 2017 Emmy Award-winning Invasion!, and the 2018 Emmy Award-winning Asteroids! comes the first chapter of Baobab Studio’s soaring new VR animation. The carefree forest animals imagine spring will last forever. However, winter comes and the creatures soon realize that their lives are in danger. What they need is a hero; what they need is Crow.

Best VR documentary

The Sun Ladies

Celine Tricart, USA

The Sun Ladies VR is produced by Maria Bello and Celine Tricart, and directed by Christian Stephen and Celine Tricart. The film features 360° 3D video with spatial audio, and mixes live action footage captured in Iraq with animation created by Wesley Allsbrook—the artist behind the Emmy-nominated, Dear Angelica VR experience.

Following the film, audiences will have the opportunity to reflect on the experience and write a letter to the Sun Ladies which will then be translated and brought back to Iraq by directors Christian Stephen and Celine Tricart.

“The Sun Ladies VR experience is not just a film. VR is known as an empathy machine, but empathy needs to be practiced,” says Maria Bello. “The entirety of the experience—with its call to action—expands the worldwide conversation on how we each fight back against sexual violence and oppression and how we are all in it together, whether we are from Kurdistan or elsewhere.”

Best innovative storytelling

Your spiritual temple sucks

John HSU, Taiwan

Mr. Chang arrives to his “Spiritual Temple,” a place that represents one’s destiny. To solve his marital crisis and financial problems, he summons his guardian – The Thunder God. They attempt to tidy his life, which turns out to be a big mistake… with hilarious consequences.

Best playful experience


Tyler Hurd, USA

Chorus VR transforms you and a few friends into fantastical female warriors and sends you off on an epic journey to faraway Tron-like fantasy worlds from the 1980s, where everything is heavily synchronized to the intense visceral sounds of Justice, to battle treacherous monsters and save an alien species from extinction. You all get your own unique avatars ranging in size from dwarf to giant with your own identity for an epic interactive experience. Chorus plays with scale and interactivity to fully utilize the potential for emotional response of music videos in VR, but with multiple participants it also plays with the feelings of empowerment you get when joined by a group or when you’re alone in a fight. By taking people in and out of the same virtual space, everyone simultaneously gets to be the hero that saves the day in their own epic journey.

VR Journalism

The Enemy

Karim Ben Khelifa, Camera Lucida Productions

Using the Apple ARkit and Google ARcore techs, we use AR to give you the opportunity to bring thse 6 combattants in your own environement. They are here, in front of you. They are face to face. You are in the middle. This place may change everything. The app allows you also to share a link to your community to transform you as an agent of reconcilation, and expand the reach of the project.

The AR mobile experience give you the opportunity to meet and listen 6 combattants from 3 different conflicts: Israel-Palestine, Congo, El Salvador.


Yuxing (Erica) Han

South China Agricultural University

Yuxing received her B.S from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Ph.D from UCLA, both in Electrical Engineering. Yuxing is currently a professor in school of engineering at South China Agriculture University,…

    William Shen

    Lenovoreal Co.Ltd

    William Shen CEO of Lenovoreal VR technical expert, have more then 7 years VR product development experience Worked in Intel & Lenovo as product manager for 13 years Graduated from East China Normal University,…

      Wendy Bernfeld

      Rights Stuff BV

      Wendy Bernfeld, former Montrealer and founder/Managing Director of Rights Stuff BV (Amsterdam) www.rights-stuff.com , is a passionate film buff with 25+ years in film/tv/paytv/VOD channel startup, biz dev and content/programming, in North America and EMEA/international. This…

        Wasef El-Kharouf

        Enosis VR LLC

        A graduate of the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, Wasef has established a career in film, virtual reality and immersive design set in motion by a passion for art, movies, music…

        Virve Rissanen

        Helsingin Sanomat

        Virve Rissanen works as a tech reporter in Helsingin Sanomat, the largest daily newspaper in Finland. Her stories are published in HS.fi, and they often include a video or an interactive element. Her work…

        Victoire Thevenin


        After working at Visit Films in New York Victoire joined mk2 in 2011 as International Sales Executive. She handled sales to Northern America, Asia, Germany, Eastern Europe and the Middle East before taking the…

          WVRF18 SPEAKERS

          Adam Rogers
          Gentle Manhands
          Alex Schuhmann
          Stratosphere VR
          Alexandre Calil Sicchieri Silva
          VRXP Consultancy
          Amir Bozorgzadeh



          This is the event for all XR experts and enthusiasts. Join us to hear the cutting-edge presentations and industrial trends in the Conference, to experience the most unexpected VR contents in the Festival and to pitch your brilliant XR business ideas in the Market. Endless quality business meetings and networking opportunities.

          What does it mean to live together in the 21st century in a time where we expect more from technology and less from each other, and when social inequality has reached a pinnacle? This question will be at the core of our 2018 annual summit. This year in June, we will be together in Crans-Montana reimagining and touching our future for the most anticipated edition so far!