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Tsinghua University and South China Agricultural University



Our company consists of two laboratories from the Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University and the Engineering School, South China Agricultural University separately. We have been devoted to VR research since 2016, and our goal is to provide a complete solution to almost all challenges existing in the production of panoramic videos nowadays.


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A Universal Low-latency Real-time Optical Flow Based Stereoscopic Panoramic Video Communication System for VR/AR

Virtual Reality (VR) has attracted widespread attention nowadays. With the launch of Google Cardboard, Oculus Gear VR and so on, consumers could experience VR applications at a low price. At the same time, companies such as Facebook, YouTube, and Youku began to support panoramic videos in succession, and thus led to greater expectations of the revolutionary experience brought by VR.
The fast development of VR industrial chain also exposes existing challenges, among which the major one is VR content production. With the constraint of video acquisition equipment of VR, stitching results could not be displayed during shooting, which causes the low efficiency of content production and acute dependence on post-processing.
Our project aims at providing a complete solution to all these problems. Consisting of video capturing, optical flow based stitching, video encoding, transmission and display, our system is the first optical flow based real-time 3D panoramic video communication system in the world. For 4K videos, the processing speed could reach 30fps or more, meeting the requirements of the current stage.