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European Premiere


Chorus VR transforms you and a few friends into fantastical female warriors and sends you off on an epic journey to faraway Tron-like fantasy worlds from the 1980s, where everything is heavily synchronized to the intense visceral sounds of Justice, to battle treacherous monsters and save an alien species from extinction. You all get your own unique avatars ranging in size from dwarf to giant with your own identity for an epic interactive experience. Chorus plays with scale and interactivity to fully utilize the potential for emotional response of music videos in VR, but with multiple participants it also plays with the feelings of empowerment you get when joined by a group or when you’re alone in a fight. By taking people in and out of the same virtual space, everyone simultaneously gets to be the hero that saves the day in their own epic journey.


GENRE  Music Experience

YEAR   2018

LANGUAGE   English


PREMIERE   European

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Tyler Hurd

Chris Milk, Megan Ellison



Annapurna Pictures

Gentle Manhands

Adam Rogers

Chan Park, Jonathan Ahdout, Samantha Scher, Jess Engel, Aaron Koblin

Spencer Burnham, Robin Cho, Michael Mullen

Cassey Kuo

Jane Wang, Christina Ku, Shawn Witt, Dawn Rivers, David “DJ” Johnson

Kael Barton

Atley Loughridge, Joe Virskus

Adam Rogers
Executive Producer for Gentle Manhands