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“I had the privilege of attending last year, it was an incredible event that was inspiring and brought together so many amazing individuals, philosophers, scientist, film makers, futurists, gamers. Everyone that shares a passion for Virtual Reality and immersive experience is alike. And beyond just a passion we all share an understanding that this is the future, that is going to be the way that society communicates, interacts, entertain, shares in the years to come. And it was pretty amazing to be part of this event last year.”
(Mario Kenyon)

“We came up with a vision about a year and a half ago that we wanted to bring to this new industry, this revolution that was happening, bringing Virtual Reality to my reality. And last year some actually labelled this the Davos of Virtual Reality and that what’s we’re trying to build here.”
(Clayton Doherty)

“It’s really an honour to be the host of this event. I believe in Virtual Reality, in Augmented Reality for the travel industry but hopefully it will never replace travelling.”
(Bruno Hugler)

“[China] (featured country in 2017 -Ed.) is a great country, very advanced with technology, very curious about VR and AR, with strong political will to make this industry grow. That’s why we wanted to honour China this year to also encourage more collaboration between China and the West.”
(Salar Shahna)

“[Conferences] encapsulate this very broad spectrum of the uses of VR. I am actually excited for this edition also for two reasons, two big changes. The first is that there had been huge big changes in VR in the last year, you’ve seen that there are millions of people that have now equipment and the will to experience Virtual Reality projects, we’ve seen an explosion of the number of projects. But we’ve also, we are very excited by the fact that the World VR Forum has changed a lot last year too.”
(Neal Hartman)

“We are so grateful to be here and for sure World VR forum is now a highlight of VR. We are also grateful to be part of this amazing creative effervescence. We wanted to say that all the projects we saw are a necessity to the VR emergence.”
(Anna Charrière)

“Clearly the Imperial Crown is starting to emanate its international reputation on its route here into the Imperial Crown. We are all so honoured and impressed with this jam of an event, it’s just really amazing.”
(Shari Frilot)

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