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Alexandre Calil Sicchieri Silva

VRXP Consultancy

Alexandre Calil S. Silva is an internationally leading Administrator and contributor of major groups/pages of VR creators and enthusiasts on Facebook, including the largest one with over 42,000 members, and a principal voice in the VR Community.
He has also served on the Award Jury for the 2016 World VR Forum in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, as well as the Coordinator of incoming major VR events in his country like BIG Festival 2017, Varilux – French cinema Festival 2017 and others. Because of his worldwide network, he has provided services to several local agencies which have been seeking to connect XR leaders around world with Brazilian events. Furthermore, he also leads XR meetups across the area where he lives.
In addition, due to his broad educational background in language teaching, he currently develops a project initially academic that aims to apply the potential of both Virtual and Augmented Reality into Education, provides consulting services through his company, VRXP, covering a wide range of XR approaches to other companies, mainly involving the development of experiences regarding immersive training simulations, and delivers lectures, which include the experimentation of the technology, to various relevant universities in Brazil.