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Antoine Cardon


DV is an innovative studio created in 2011 that designs and develops unprecedented narrative formats, taking the viewer into immersive experiences.

Serial entrepreneur and innovation Guru, Antoine has served in many industries:
advertising & communication, digital, television & cinema and architecture & simulation.

He started working with Virtual Reality 20 years ago as a simulation expert and founding member of the VRML community. From an early age, he was already at the initiative of many projects in the IT and visual field. He was involved in the ANVAR project to develop the first 3D Geographic Information System (statistics, simulation, asset management, impact study, etc.).

His wide expertise and knowledge of the digital allowed him to work in a plurality of fields such as education, nautical, medicine and architecture.

In 2011 he created DV, an innovation studio, overseeing post-production and project management. Passionate about new technologies, particularly about their relevance regarding the way they can be put to the service of the community and art, Antoine uses his innovative and creative thinking to push back the limits of virtual reality, and to develop more original and sensitive experiences.