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Barbara Lippe


Dubbed “Björk of Virtual Worlds” Dr Barbara Lippe is a video-game-art-director-turned-actor perfectly bridging interactive and dramatic principles.

As Head of Content at HolodeckVR, a deep tech company offering the the most precise XR tracking solution for massive multi-user large-scale free-roam arenas she brings in her creative renaissance lifestyle:

from designing characters in Tokyo, virtual worlds in Vienna and mobile games in London she went on to act on stage & screen when being someone else in a world someone else has created made her think a lot about virtual realities.

She went on to found entreZ, an award-winning VR content studio aiming to develop the entertainment formats of the future.

Barbara holds a PhD in game studies, acts as Head of Curation at VR Days Europe and speaks at conferences worldwide.

She has recently been selected one of the 101 most influential women in VR.