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James C. Roberts III

Global Capital

James advises all parts of the global venture capital/startup ecosystem and its clients–from venture capital funds to startups to private investors to corporations using startup services or acquiring those companies.  He also frequently mentors startups and judges pitch contests in startup bootcamps. He runs The Global Capital Group, where he is the managing principal of the Global Capital Law Group and CEO of the affiliated strategic consulting firm, Global Capital Strategic Group.
Recently, he negotiated all matters for a client creating one of Google’s first VR titles and the engagement of a client to create a medical VR application.  He also recently advised startups working with museums and other venues for VR installations and with foundations to develop apps for brain development purposes.
James received his JD from the University of Chicago, his MA from Stanford University and his BS from the University of California at Berkeley. He is on the steering committee for the Creative Media & Behavioral Health Center.