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Julia Chatain


Julia Chatain is a Software Engineer at the Game Technology Center of ETH Zurich, Switzerland. She received her Engineering Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from École polytechnique (Paris, France) and her Master of Science in Computer Science and Image Processing from EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland), with internships at Microsoft and Google. During her master thesis, in collaboration with the science center Cap Sciences (Bordeaux, France), she designed interactive technologies using augmented reality to help the Science Center visitors express themselves. Before joining the GTC, she worked in a research team (Potioc, Inria, Bordeaux, France) where she focused on Human-Computer Interaction and developed various augmented reality technologies for groups in public spaces. She is interested in designing technologies for visitors’ empowerment and education in public spaces, with a strong focus on gaming, augmented reality, and localisation. Beside her work, she helps organise events like Django Girls to promote Computer Science and Mathematics, writes short stories for cultural journals, and likes to sew stuffed characters.