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Leyda Hernandez

C'est Du Luxe

Leyda Hernández is the CEO of C’est Du Luxe, a premier advisory and consumer trend forecasting firm for luxury brands. C’est Du Luxe helps luxury brands understand new generations of customers, anticipate changes in luxury values and consumption, and respond strategically to emerging opportunities. Hernández is an award-winning marketing expert recognized on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and listed among the Top 10 Women in Tech by Everstring.

Hernández is an adjunct professor at several universities including the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York University, LIM College, New York Institute of Technology, General Assembly and West Virginia University where she develops and teaches courses on luxury brand management, fashion, digital marketing, and analytics.

Hernández speaks internationally on the macro-environmental and generational influences that impact popular and consumer culture. In her spare time, Hernández enjoys traveling and discovering new music.