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Mar Gonzalez-Franco

Microsoft Research

Dr. Mar Gonzalez-Franco is a computer scientist working at the forefront of Mixed Reality research at Microsoft. Her expertise and research spans from devices to perception and neuroscience. Her work has been openly shared with the scientific community with specialised publications in multiple journals, including Science Robotics, Scientific Reports (Nature), Frontiers, Neuroimage, MIT Presence, Experimental Brain Research, and more. Before joining Microsoft Research, she held several positions in leading academic institutions, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University College London, and Tsinghua University. Mar pivoted into industry to create and lead an immersive tech lab at Airbus Group and then into the startup world at Traity. At Microsoft, she participates in product definitions, helping envision not only current, but also future devices and services. Over the years, her work has been covered by tech and global media, such as Fortune Magazine, TechCrunch, The Verge, ABC News, GeekWire, Inverse, Euronews, El Pais, and Vice. She continues to work with academic and governmental institutions: she is a guest lecturer at Yale University, a mentor for accelerators such as Bind 4.0 (Bask Government) and science foundations, such as COTEC. She is also an expert evaluator for the European Commission Future and Emerging Technologies Projects.