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Paul Menes

ADLI Law Group

Paul I. Menes is AV-rated (Preeminent) and the Co-Head of the Entertainment and Media Practice at ADLI Law Group.

He provides “Creative Solutions for Creative People”, to his U.S. and international clients.

What are “Creative People”? Any person or company involved in any type of transactional digital media (including VR, AR, and MR, social media influencers, social media marketing, content and app creation, protection and monetization, online Terms of Use and privacy policies, crowdfunding, and online and mobile portals in many different industries), entertainment (in TV, film, music, radio, and online, for artists, talent, creators, writers, production, licensing, distribution, talent management, and live events), and branding and copyright in all manner of business endeavors.

What are “Creative Solutions”? Paul bringing his unique background, philosophy, and over 35 years’ experience to his practice. This philosophy sets him apart from other entertainment and media lawyers. One example is that Paul writes contracts that work. In over 35 years as a transactional lawyer, Paul has never had a contract he’s written or rewritten litigated–except once. And, his client won.

Another is that Paul has practical experience on the business and creative side of entertainment and media projects. He understands how the delicate balance between the creative and business/legal elements needs to be accommodated in a deal/contract, and how all the moving parts of a deal need to interact, for it to be a success for his clients.

Paul speaks, writes and is interviewed or quoted often. Examples include Entertainment Law and Finance, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, Influencer Entrepreneur Forum, The Knowledge Group, MUSEXPO, L.A. Times, Associated Press, Digital L.A., Entrepreneur magazine, his “Just Sayin’ . . . TM blog, The Recorder, Digital Music News, L.A. Fashion Week, Clear Law Institute, and several law schools, legal and business conferences.