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Sonia Cueva

Universidad Indoamerica

Sonia Cueva is architect, formed in art aesthetics, magister in City Government for FLACSO Quito- Ecuador, magister and PhD in Urban and Architectural Management for UPC on Barcelona – Spain.
She was Head of Planning for Loja Municipality. She worked in urban projects for Architects without Frontiers at Barcelona, She founded and directed a Self-Learning Club in Barcelona. She´s been researcher and teacher of architectural and urban projects in universities and research centers for many years. She was research coordinator on City Institute and actually she is researcher of the CITHES and architectural teacher of Indoamerica University UTI on Quito-Ecuador.

She participated in international seminaries or world congress in Latin-American, Europe and Asia. She won a prize and recognition in urban and architectural design in Ecuador and Madrid. She won fellowships and scholarships for FLACSO, Lincoln Institute, China Government, for master and doctorate in Barcelona, Berlin, and workshops in Stockholm and Eindhoven.

Her research has focused on the public space within the informational city and without it, and on the “mileux innovateur” on the informational city. Her own interest in the subject concerning to design of spaces, bring her into the experience of virtual reality immersing with different technologies, as in laboratories and VR centers than in congress and exhibition