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Wasef El-Kharouf

Enosis VR LLC

A graduate of the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, Wasef has established a career in film, virtual reality and immersive design set in motion by a passion for art, movies, music and new media.

While pursuing his MFA and undertaking his thesis film, The Deadlight (2016), under the mentorship of VFX supervisor Michael Fink and Director Jeremy Kagan, his time at USC also found him assuming roles at Alex McDowell’s World Building Media Lab where he helped develop the pioneering Leviathan, as well as Mark Bolas’ MxR Studio as part of the winning team of the Immersive Realities AR/VR contest at SIGGRAPH 2015.

A VR and Mixed Reality specialist, creative producer and director in film and interactive media, Wasef focuses on creating highly immersive, narrative-based experiences using a wholistic world-building approach for engaging storytelling and unique perspectives informed by his unusually diverse international and cultural upbringing.

Upon completion of his graduate studies, Wasef went on to play an instrumental role in the startup Enosis to bring to life the legendary rock band Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in virtual reality for producer Google Play.

Wasef now serves as a partner at Enosis where they produce high-end content and advanced interactive applications demonstrating best practices for entertainment and industry. Telling stories in virtual and mixed reality through captivating visual content, three-dimensional sound, interactivity and the art of directing to immerse viewers in responsive, artful worlds with infinite possibilities.