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VR 2'200

JUNE 7-10, 2018 | CRY D'ER

Perched at an altitude of 2,220 meters with a unique panorama offering a breathtaking 360-degree view of the Valais Alps, the «Cry d’Er Club d’Altitude» is the striking new location of the 3rd edition of the WVRF Annual Summit. Accessible only by ski lifts, this prestigious location offers large modular infrastructures.

The area of the Cry d’Er will be inhabited by mesmerizing artistic installations for 4 days, utilizing the human body as an instrument for experimentation, fully crushing the presumed barrier between fantasy and reality. These unique performances will be accessible by appointment to every cyber punk daring to venture into the deep virtual jungle of high-tech creativity. Encounters and conversations with the incredible VR masterminds behind the spectacular visual feast will also be arranged at this whimsical Heidi homeland.

The magical Cry d’Er will also be the host location for our closing ceremony of the festival this year, where 200 guests will celebrate the best VR experiences of 2018 at the awards ceremony. An artistic show will liven up the suave soirée even more, fully igniting the cybertronic enigma. Last but not least, a bountiful buffet with refreshments will be provided to all the lucky folks attending.

Join us on our high-tech spellbinding mountain adventure into the virtual kingdom of limitless possibilities, don’t miss your chance!


Cie Gilles Jobin & Artanim – Switzerland


Mélodie Mousset – Switzerland